I often write software for my own and others use. I love openframeworks, but also use JAVA, standard c etc. It depends on what I want to do and what platform its for.


cyclosc screen shot

Written in processing/JAVA, a simple cyclops (as in Eric Singer's cyclops object for max/msp) stand alone programme that divides a video feed into an grid of averaged grey-scale cells (currently 8 by 8, but easily changed in code).  The results are broadcast via OSC (thanks to the "oscP5" library ).  

Download v0.1 (14/9/2006)
Mac here (~200k)
Win here (~350k)
Linux here (~200k)**** not tested - but due to my problems with a firewire camera connecting to Linux

All the above include the Processing file (get latest oscP5) - This is OpenSource, please mail me amendments.

SuperCollider Class file and example, here.

ctrl+f (or apple+f for macintosh) to enter/leave fullscreen mode (thanks to 'fullscreen.api' - some pc sound cards may not work see site for details)
Tell me how you get on.
Send me requests/offers for developments - such as GUI and more control
I want to explore integrating LibCV to SuperCollider via SwingOSC -- offers of help and cash welcome.

pure data - openAL object


I have been working on a puredata external to access the OpenAL lib.


Currently only supports about 2 to 5 sources ;(=.

You will need OpenAL dll Get it from

Download version 0.01 - source and binary for Win (22/11/05 - a few K)