PRSformusic New Music Plus Producer Scheme

New Music Plus .... Producers Partnership is PRSformusic Foundation strand of pioneering professional development projects. This provides a unique opportunity for 8 talented new music producers to create work with 8 prominent venues and cultural organisations across Manchester and Liverpool throughout 2010. Developed in association with the hub, it aims to strengthen learning amongst organisations and independent producers that want to develop their approach to programming new music.

The scheme is in part a professional development programme (shaped and guided by the hub), an opportunity to reflect and develop practice and also a partnership with a host venue.  I am partnered with the Band on the Wall.

The project with BOTW is very process orienatented, we are trying to imagine what the venue will be like in 10 years time when the "Club Penguin" (sorry you might have to be a parent of internet litterate young children to get the reference) Generation start going to live music.

Look out for mixed media events events realted to this project later in the year.